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Plan Administrators: Survey Supports Chiropractic Care as Low-Cost Care Alternative

, July 17, 2013

It’s no surprise to most of us that chiropractic care provides effective, timely, and cost efficient treatment for patients with back and neck pain. A recent survey by ChiroCare reinforced this understanding.  ChiroCare hired Q Market Research in Eagan, Minnesota, to conduct a survey of Minnesotans who experienced back and neck pain within the past year that had not seen a chiropractor. They surveyed 651 adults and asked why the respondents did not seek treatment from a chiropractor.

Our survey noted that spinal manipulation and other services provided by chiropractors are cost –efficient treatments with most Minnesota health plans offering chiropractic benefits. Patients receiving chiropractic care also missed less work than those who did not, which results in savings for employers, health plans, and even the employee.

Key finding 1: People with back/neck pain who were NOT treated by chiropractors are more than 2 times as likely to miss work as their chiropractor-treated counterparts.

They also miss far more days on average.

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Key finding 2: People with back/neck pain who were NOT treated by chiropractors are 54% more likely to work in pain due to fear of job loss than their chiropractor-treated counterparts.


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Additional findings:

  • People with desk jobs who do not use chiropractors are 25% more likely to suffer from back pain than the average person.
  • People with neck pain are 3 times more likely to make mistakes at work than those with back pain.

Please let us know your thoughts on how to make chiropractic care the first choice for Minnesotans with neck and back pain.