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ChiroCare Outcomes White Paper Available

, November 25, 2013

Tabatha Erck Low back pain has been a challenge in the health care system for a long time, and has reached epidemic levels in the United States. We want to be part of a solution that meets the triple aim for low back pain: improved health of populations (quality) and improved patient experience, while reducing overall health care cost. Numerous clinical studies have already documented chiropractic as providing positive results in treating low back pain when compared to medication and surgery. We wanted to demonstrate that we could gather patient treatment outcomes and evaluate the administrative burden in collecting outcomes data.

Initially we planned to complete a peer-reviewed clinical study, but it proved to be cost prohibitive. Instead, we chose to do a case study so we could gather and report patient outcomes and whether practices were readily able to collect and report this data. We had some “a-ha” moments; the most notable were those concerning the measurement tools and patient engagement before, during and after.

We know there is more work to be done, and we want to continue the research to ensure the patient receives the right care for their low back pain. To keep the process moving forward, please take a moment and sign in to download our white paper.  After you read it, please give us feedback.

  • What could we have done differently?
  • What are you doing to engage your patients without creating more administrative burden in your practice or network providers? 
  • How are you using outcomes to demonstrate quality?

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