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Straight Talk Provider Bulletin – August 2014

August 28, 2014

In This Issue:

Important Dates
Tabatha Erck Named NASHO Board of Directors Chair-Elect
ChiroCare Centers of Excellence: Patient-centered, Collaborative Care
HIPAA FAQs from ChiroCare 
Becoming Active Care Certified
Documentation and Coding Seminar Coming September 6
Coding Corner
Compliance Corner

Important Dates

ChiroCare is offering a number of options this fall for network doctors to take advantage of compelling learning opportunities while earning CEUs.

  • September 6 – Coding Seminar with Dr. Anthony Hamm Register!
  • September 20– Active Care Program 2 with Dr. Andrew Klein Register!
  • October 4 – Active Care Program 4 with Dr. Travis McCathie Register!
  • October 9 – ChiroCare Fall Business Seminar (Registration will be open soon!)
  • October 11 – Active Care for Seniors with Dr. Paul Osterbauer (Recommended prerequisite: Active Care Certification) Register!
  • October 25– Active Care Program 2 with Dr. Andrew Klein Register!
  • November 22 – Active Care Program 4 with Dr. Andrew Klein Register!
All events will be held from 8 a.m.-noon at Northwestern Health Sciences University, with the exception of the ChiroCare Fall Business Seminar. The seminar will be held from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., at Minneapolis Marriott Northwest, 7025 Northland Drive North. Registration for this event will be open soon.

Tabatha Erck Named NASHO Board of Directors Chair-Elect

The Board of Directors of the National Association of Specialty Health Organizations (NASHO) recently named Tabatha Erck, CEO of Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. (CCMI), Chair-Elect. The Board nominated and approved Erck on August 19, 2014, during their latest Board meeting held in Chicago, IL. Erck will assume the role of Chairman from Andrew Alcorn in May 2015 and serve a two-year term. Click here for more information.



ChiroCare Centers of Excellence: Patient-centered, Collaborative Care

Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. (CCMI) is launching the first phase of the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence (CCoE) Program. The Program designates clinics that use standardized clinical protocols and an integrated collaborative approach to  achieve positive outcomes and improved quality of life for patients. The first phase includes invitations to a small number of clinics throughout Minnesota. The second phase, beginning mid-year in 2015, will expand to other providers who are interested in pursuing a ChiroCare Centers of Excellence designation.

To help identify the desired qualities of a Center of Excellence, CCMI convened the “National Task Force on Spine Care.” After reviewing extensive research, the Task Force provided suggestions and recommendations to CCMI that are being used to develop the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence program. For more information about the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence, visit us here.

“We are very excited to bring chiropractic care to a whole new level,” says Vivi-Ann Fischer, D.C., chief clinical officer for ChiroCare. “We will launch a Demonstration Project this fall with best-practice clinics, and look forward to continuously certifying those that prove themselves to be Centers of Excellence according to the criteria set forth.”

Program Overview

The Program will identify existing ChiroCare clinics that have well-defined and documented procedures and the supporting infrastructure to ensure that patients are managed with consistent effectiveness. Through an application and documentation review process, ChiroCare evaluates the clinics against the CCoE criteria. Clinics that meet these criteria will achieve the ChiroCare Center of Excellence designation. 

To provide patients with a consistent, high-quality experience, ChiroCare expects the entire clinic to demonstrate the best practice approaches of a Center of Excellence. Thus, this Program assesses the clinic as a whole, including all chiropractors practicing within the clinic. 

ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Criteria

Clinics applying for the CCoE designation must meet criteria developed specifically for the Centers of Excellence Program. These criteria focus on key attributes of excellence that include clinical assessment and outcome tools, best practice X-ray procedures, shared decision-making, detailed treatment plans, re-evaluations and treatment plan updates, active care, patient education, cognitive behavioral therapy, care management, and reporting back to primary care doctors or other providers involved in a patient’s care.

The CCoE application and assessment process is considered separate and distinct from ChiroCare’s standard credentialing program. ChiroCare confirms a clinic’s compliance with the expectations of the Program through ongoing monitoring activities and regular communication with the clinic.

We will keep you apprised of details for our upcoming Demonstration Project. For questions about the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Program, please contact CCMI’s Executive Office at (651) 389-2006, or toll-free at (866) 714-0524.

HIPAA FAQs from ChiroCareHIPAA magnifying glassimages

View list of FAQs here.

activecareActive Care Certified ChiroCare Chiropractors Take Personalized Care to New Levels

The ChiroCare Active Care Certification Program is a four-part series comprised of online and classroom instruction. Active Care Certification emphasizes the current state of evidence regarding the use of active care programs in chiropractic practice. 

Following program certification, providers are eligible to receive a complimentary premium account subscription to the Perfect Fit System. This online exercise delivery solution provides exercise animations and workout codes to create a unique exercise experience for each patient. Exercises can be printed, e-mailed, or sent to a smart phone.

ChiroCare has a new educational summary titled Evidence-based Care for Low Back Pain: Integrating Active Care and Spinal Manipulations Improves Patient Outcomes

Dr. Hammindex

Dr. Hamm

Documentation and Coding Seminar Coming September 6

If you’re looking for a way to earn four CEU credits while gaining skills and knowledge, we hope you will attend Dr. Anthony Hamm’s Documentation and Coding seminar on September 6 from 8 a.m.-noon, at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Course topics include:

  • Correct use of Financial Disclosure Forms and Medicare ABNs
  • Case Examples of E/M Codes, Care Plans, and Documentation
  • Understanding and Implementing Medicare’s Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)
  • Identifying functional deficits and goals for Care Plans
  •  Request or Release of Protected Health Information
  • Informed Consent/Shared Decision Making
  •  Patient Discharge and Preventive Services
  • Outcomes Toolkit

Chiropractors in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa will earn four CEU credits by attending one session. Unfortunately, CEUs are not available for chiropractors in Wisconsin. 

Online registration is now open! 


Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.53.17 PMCoding Corner

  • ChiroCare has just posted a new table, identifying CPT codes that represent the various levels of chiropractic manipulative treatment. For each code, the definition and the requirement for billing is provided. We encourage you to share this with all members of your staff.
  • ChiroCode Institute: Providers can take advantage of free, weekly news alerts regarding coding and compliance by signing up for the ChiroCode Institute newsletter.
  • ICD-10 Update. The delay in ICD-10 implementation may give some a false sense of security. “We advise our network doctors to use the delay of ICD-10 implementation as an opportunity to get a head start on improving documentation,” says Vivi-Ann Fischer, D.C., chief clinical officer for ChiroCare. “We have made many resources available to help our doctors prepare for ICD-10.”

EHRIncentiveLogowebCompliance Corner

  • Locum Tenens Reminder: If you will be having a doctor who is not contracted with CCMI fill in for you on a temporary basis—even if it’s only for an hour—you are required to inform ChiroCare in writing of your intent, and have written approval from ChiroCare, before the substitution may occur. Please call the ChiroCare corporate office for assistance and forms: (651) 389-2006 or (866) 714-0524. 
  • Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program. If you are participating or planning to participate in Stage One of the Medicare Electronic Health Record Incentive Program this year, it’s important to be award of milestones and changes. The official website offers all the details that will help with implementation, and offers a clear explanation of the 2014 definition for Stage One of Meaningful Use.
  • Record Keeping Tips:
    • ChiroCare follows the Medicare requirement that all patient care entities be signed by the treating doctor (EHR systems have methods to attach signatures).
    • Assessments must be updated after each visit.
    • Treatments need to have a clear beginning and end date.
    • Measurable treatment goals must be clearly stated and updated:
      • Using neck and low back indexes to track improvement
      • Using Outcome Tools on ChiroCare Connect
    • The treating doctor must match the billing doctor.

Compliance Hotline: ChiroCare holds its network chiropractors to the highest practice standards and ethical behavior. As part of this expectation, we have established a 24/7 compliance hotline for providers, patients, ChiroCare employees, and other individuals who are concerned about a possible compliance issue. Doctors even have a duty to report themselves if a breach occurs (e.g., a laptop with unencrypted patient data is stolen; a flash drive containing patient data disappears).