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August 25, 2015

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Thought for the Week

LunchtimeAs the summer begins to wind down and Labor Day approaches, millions of youngsters and teens will begin preparing to go back to school. While many parents plan ahead for clothes and school supplies, how many of us spend time planning healthy lunch options for our children?
Studies show habits we start during childhood often carry into adulthood. Also, academic performance, as well as behavior, are impacted by the food our children eat throughout the day. These are just a few reasons why it is important to remember, while we prepare our children to succeed in the classroom, we also need to prepare them to succeed in the lunchroom.
Encourage your patients to try these 5 back to school nutrition tips with their children:
  1. Involve your children in the lunch planning and/or food making process. Kids love to feel valued and important, and getting them involved with meal planning is a great way to teach them good habits.
  2. Pack balanced lunches the night before so you can grab and go in the morning.
  3. Make sure to use an insulated lunch box with ice packs to keep lunches from spoiling.
  4. Set a good example. Parents will have a harder time demanding things from kids, when they themselves continue to eat un-healthfully.
  5. Make lists, organize food items, and have a plan. Before you know it, you and your family will have a stress-free and nutritious lunch routine. 

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