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Preventive Screening Guides

As a chiropractor, you know how important preventive screenings are in ongoing health maintenance and are in an excellent position to communicate key information regarding these screenings and further your patients’ overall health and wellness. To aid in this conversation and help keep you up-to-date on new screening recommendations, Fulcrum has developed two preventive screening guides:

How to Use These Guides

It is important to talk with all of your patients, not just ChiroCare patients, about the importance of these screenings and ask if they have had applicable tests. If the answer is “no” or if they are not sure, give the patient guide to the patient and encourage them to get in contact with their primary care physician to schedule an appointment. Please document this conversation in your patient’s medical history and indicate whether or not you provided a patient guide. Finally, make sure to follow up with that patient at his or her next appointment to inquire if the recommended tests were completed.

How to Answer Patients’ Questions or Concerns

You may receive questions from your patients about these preventive screenings.  Here are recommendations and information to assist you.

Preventative Screening Q&A (PDF)