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Patient Education Materials For Your Practice

These patient handouts are non-branded (they don’t have a ChiroCare emblem), so that you can use them for chiropractic education with your patients. The topics were identified by members of our Chiropractic Advisory Board as most useful to patients. To access the handouts, simply open the PDFs and print them.

Understanding Chiropractic Care and How It Works | PDF

Covers how chiropractic care works, a chiropractor’s training, referral issues, and how long treatment should last.

Insurance Coverage | PDF

Defines acute and maintenance care, their differences and how insurance applies.

What To Expect: Pre-Visit | PDF

What patients can expect on their first visit and questions to ask their chiropractor.

What To Expect: Post-Visit | PDF

How patients can promote healing after the visit, when to schedule a  follow-up appointment, and how they may feel.

Child Back Health | PDF

Information on posture, backpack control and sports activities, with the goal of maintaining good back health.

Work-Related Low Back Pain | PDF

How chiropractic care can help treat work-related low back pain, four common causes of work-related low back pain and how patients can protect their back in each case.

Daily Stretches | PDF

Six easy and important stretches for people with back pain.

Maintaining Good Back Health | PDF

Suggestions to help prevent back pain or injury: no slouching, drinking enough water, fitness activity, maintaining a healthy weight and sitting and sleeping properly.

Maintaining a Healthy Back While Exercising | PDF

Four exercises to loosen up, as well as the importance of warming up, stretching and cooling down.