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Providing Patients with Decision Support

Decision Support is a way for you to help patients make more confident decisions about health care treatment. Decision Support helps patients make treatment decisions based on their values and personal preferences.

Helpful with special Health Care Situations

Decision Support is especially helpful when your patients are facing decisions about newly diagnosed conditions, chronic diseases, and family end-of-life situations. Common decision support questions include:

  • What treatment will help neck pain?
  • Should I get shots for allergies?
  • What should I do if at high risk for cancer?
  • Should I take antibiotics for bronchitis?
  • Does my child have depression?
  • Should I have surgery for low back pain?

Three resources are available

Use these first two tools to educate yourself. The third one can be used as a handout with patients.

Ottawa Personal Decision Guide | PDF

Use this guide to help organize options and make health-related decisions

Ottawa Family Decision Guide | PDF

Assistance when making health-related family decisions.

ChiroCare Decision Support Guide | PDF

Designed as a handout for your patients.