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ChiroFirst Resources

Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. (CCMI) is launching a project, called ChiroFirst, which will evaluate a comprehensive, conservative care pathway for adults with acute and sub-acute low back pain. This pathway places a doctor of chiropractic as the standard point of entry and will utilize ChiroCare Centers of Excellence (CCoE) clinics to collect outcomes data related to the Triple Aim (patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost).

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The ChiroFirst Participation Agreement is a copy of the agreement participating clinics signed to be a part of the ChiroFirst project.

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This document outlines in greater detail the steps required by each participating clinic.

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The patient discussion guide outlines commonly asked questions and provides guidance on how to respond. This guide coaches clinic staff on how to positively manage potential questions and comments from patients related to the ChiroFirst project.

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This registration process clearly defines the steps necessary to register your clinic with Minnesota Community Measurement.

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This data submission process clearly defines the steps necessary for submitting clinical data to Minnesota Community Measurement.

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The Data Collection Checklist is recommended for use when collecting patient data for the ChiroFirst project. Each box on the checklist represents a field on the data collection spreadsheet. 

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The Oswestry Disability Index 2.1a is the outcome measure tool used for the ChiroFirst project.

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The Acute and sub-acute low back pain data collection guide is the full technical guide written by Minnesota Community Measurement and is the source for all guidance and requirements of the ChiroFirst project.

Included in this document are the inclusion and exclusion codes to identify appropriate patients.

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The Low Back Pain Data Collection Spreadsheet is the document where you will need to list out the required information for each patient included in the project. This document is also uploaded to the Minnesota Community Measurement Direct Data Portal.

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