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ChiroCare Centers of Excellence: A Patient-Centered, Collaborative Approach to Care

Fulcrum has developed the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence (CCoE) Program within its ChiroCare chiropractic network. The Program is designed to recognize clinics that use standardized clinical protocols and an integrated, collaborative approach in achieving positive outcomes and improved quality of life for patients.

CCoE logo_FINALTo help identify the desired qualities of a Center of Excellence, Fulcrum convened the “National Task Force on Spine Care.” After reviewing extensive research, the Task Force provided Fulcrum with a disciplined framework of clinical protocols that define an exceptional clinical operation. This framework became the basis for the criteria of the Centers of Excellence Program.

Program Overview

The Program seeks to identify existing ChiroCare clinics that have well-defined and documented procedures and the supporting infrastructure to ensure that patients are managed with consistent effectiveness. Through an application and documentation review process, ChiroCare evaluates the clinics against the CCoE criteria. Clinics that meet these criteria will achieve the ChiroCare Center of Excellence designation.

To provide patients with a consistent, high-quality experience, ChiroCare expects the entire clinic to demonstrate the best practice approaches of a Center of Excellence. Thus, this Program assesses the clinic as a whole, including all chiropractors practicing within the clinic.

While we believe our whole network provides quality care, there are some providers that have elevated patient-centered standards regarding quality and outcomes.  The CCoE program highlights ChiroCare clinics who achieve and maintain the highest standards of patient-centered care through record keeping, documented outcome measures, and collaboration with other health care providers to achieve the Triple Aim in health care.

What is the value of a CCoE designation?

  • Be identified as a CCoE clinic on the Find a Doc tool located on
  • Position your clinic to be recognized for increased Pay for Performance incentives
  • Be recognized as a CCoE clinic among other health care practitioners as having a defined patient-centered clinical protocols using outcome measures and an integrated treatment approach.

If you have any questions about the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence please call Dr. Vivi-Ann Fischer at 651-389-2006 or

ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Clinics


A Center for Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Richard Zarmbinski, DC; Allen Hepfner, DC

Abeler Chiropractic                                         
James Abeler II, DC; Thea Killeen, DC; Sarah Pickhardt, DC; Joel Vlaminck, DC                                    

Allina Health – Edina
Molly Magnani, DC; Rochelle Rougier-Maas, DC

Allina Health – Plymouth
Steve Dandrea, DC; Molly Magnani, DC; Rochelle Rougier-Maas, DC;

Allina Health – Coon Rapids
Dereck Doty, DC

Allina Health – Minneapolis
Dean Bruns, DC; Molly Magnani, DC; Rochelle Rougier-Maas, DC;

Allina Health – Woodbury
Dereck Doty, DC

Art District Chiropractic
Lori Pottebaum, DC; Renee Polikowsky DC

Back and Neck Clinic of New Prague
Laurie Hughes, DC: Jeremy Tupy, DC                            

Brook West Chiropractic Clinic
Chad Clementson, DC; Alvin Stachowski, DC; Thomas Trainer, DC; Patrick Gallagher Jr., DC

Caron Chiropractic Clinic – St. Paul
Martin Caron, DC; Matthew Caron, DC; Alison Cunningham, DC; Emily Dahl, DC; Timothy Graff, DC

Caron Chiropractic Clinic – North Oaks
Matthew Caron, DC; Alison Cunningham, DC; Emily Dahl, DC; Timothy Graff, DC

ChiroCenter – Long Lake
Michael Schwartz, DC          

ChiroCenter – Plymouth
John Allenburg, DC; Matthew Miller, DC       

ChiroCenter – Minneapolis
Peter Polski, DC; Libby Berg, DC; Mike Schwartz, DC; Samantha White

ChiroCenter – Robbinsdale
John Allenburg, DC; Justin Elder, DC; Guy Martin, DC; Matthew Miller, DC; Joel Anthony, DC          

Comprehensive Health Clinics
Arthur Volker, DC; Kyle Volker, DC;

Coon Rapids Chiropractic  
Ryan Brandt, DC      

Fisher Chiropractic Clinic
David Fisher, DC; Gerald Priley, DC; Gregory Ash, DC

HealthPartners Andover Clinic
Charles Hausman, DC; Bethany Curnow, DC

HealthPartners Cottage Grove Clinic
Dustin Balliet, DC

HealthPartners Eagan Clinic
Michael Fleischhacker, DC   

HealthPartners Nokomis Clinic
Ryne DeVries, DC

HealthPartners Highland Park Clinic
Ridge Pidde, DC

HealthPartners Hugo Clinic
Ursula Amiot, DC

HealthPartners Anoka Clinic
Charles Hausman, DC; Bethany Curnow, DC 

HealthPartners Como Clinic
Patrick Rukavina, DC            

HealthPartners Riverside
Sara Swanson, DC

HealthPartners Maplewood Clinic
Catherine Njogu, DC

HealthPartners Arden Hills Clinic
Barry Taylor, DC      

HealthPartners Inver Grove Heights Clinic
Dustin Balliet, DC

HealthPartners White Bear Lake Clinic
Ursula Amiot, DC

Hjort Chiropractic, PA
Paul Hjort, DC; Terrence Osterman, DC

Hugo Chiropractic
William Barrett, DC

Institute for Athletic Medicine – Burnsville
Kara Harkness, DC; Sharena  Deonarain, DC

Institute for Athletic Medicine –Blaine
Grant Redstone, DC

Institute for Athletic Medicine – Eagan
Kara Harkness, DC

Institute for Athletic Medicine – Eden Prairie
Sharena Deonarain, DC; Travis McCathie, DC

Institute for Athletic Medicine- Edina
Travis McCathie, DC; Sharena Deonarain, DC

Institute for Athletic Medicine –Princeton
Cara Borggren, DC

Marty Chiropractic
Megan Wall, DC; Jennifer Johnson Schmalz

Marty Chiropractic Clinic
Christine Lynch, DC; Kristina Fruechtl, DC; Kari McDonald, DC; Thomas Anderson, DC

Minser Chiropractic Clinic
Mary Minser, DC; Tammy Fimrite, DC; Katherine Leither, DC; Lacie Gerhardson, DC; Jeffrey Huber, DC; Krista Blomdahl, DC

Park Nicollet Clinic – St. Louis Park
Andrew Klein, DC; Edward Szklarczuk, DC; Hans Thurmer, DC

Park Nicollet Clinic – Burnsville
Edward Szklarczuk, DC

Park Nicollet Clinic – Chanhassen
April Colby, DC

Park Nicollet Clinic – Maple Grove
Jacob Sundberg, DC


South Side Chiropractic
Corey Pomranke, DC

West Salem Chiropractic
Dan Eoriatti, DC

Gunderson Lutheran Medical Center
Michael Polito, DC; Joshua Potaracke, DC

Bronston Clinic – Onalaska
Leo Bronston, DC

Bronston Clinic – LaCrosse
William Sterba, DC

Bronston Clinic – Sparta
James Rasmusson, DC

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 Attributes of Excellence

  1. Comprehensive Patient Intake and History
  2. Assessment and Outcome Tools
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  4. Shared Decision Making
  5. Conservative Imaging
  6. Treatment Care Plans
    1. Diagnosis
    2. Re-evaluation
    3. Individualized Treatment Plans
    4. Regular assessments to determine progress
    5. Treatment care plans are modified based on outcome assessments 
  7. Coordination of Care Between Practitioners or Facilities
  8. Management of the Care Plan
  9. Established Referral List of Practitioners and Referral Procedures
  10. Active Care Instruction
  11. Patient Education on homecare and prevention
  12. Wellness Instruction
  13. Patient-Centered Approach to Care Plans and Care Management
  14. Demonstration of Collaboration with Other Practitioners

ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Self-Assessment

Complete this self-assessment to help determine if your clinic practices align with the Attributes of Excellence.  If you are unsure of any section, review the Attributes of Excellence above or the CCoE Supporting Education below.

Download Self-Assessment PDF

ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Application and Attestation

If you have completed the CCoE self-assessment and received a passing score, please consider completing the CCoE application.

All applications and attestations must be completed by May 31st to be considered for this year’s CCoE designation.  If your application is submitted between June 1st and November 31st, the application will be considered for the next calendar year. Click here to download the attestation.

Please send all completed applications to the attention of Centers of Excellence Review Team by fax to 651-389-2009 or by email to